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The international Spanish language institute, with more than 30 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, has developed high quality educational materials ,effective teaching methods and socio-cultural programmes and excellent cultural and language immersion program.

The course starts with a written online test placement sent via email to ensure that the students are at the correct class. This test is sent to all the students except the beginners

The majority of the jobs in Spain will require you to know some level of Spanish. Of the few English speaking jobs, a lot of them are concentrated in big cities. In addition, companies in Spain need to prove that you're filling a role that locals cannot.   For other types of employment will generally need to speak Spanish.

Course Levels (A1-C2)

All students, except beginners, courses start with a written online test placement receive by email to ensure that the students are in the correct class from the beginning.

Levels : From beginners to Advances, all 6 levels.

The language teaching levels are adapted to the standards which are established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) and is developed by the department of language policy of the council of Europe.


For students who are learning Spanish for the first time.  A practical and communicative method is used which allows the students, in a minimum amount of time, to command the correct language usage in everyday situations.


For students who have a middle level of grammar and vocabulary.


For students who have a good knowledge of the Spanish grammar in theory but need to put it into practice.


For students who have a low level of grammar and knowledge.


For students, who are already able to communicate in Spanish, but need a higher understanding of grammar and vocabulary.


For students who already have a sound knowledge of the Spanish language and culture and are able to communicate fluently, but want to enhance their understanding and practice of the language.


Certificate / Report 

At the end of the course a student receive

  • Attendance certificate

  • Report with grades obtained

The Schedule
The intensive course is from 0900 hours to 1240 hours. Other classes are taught before and after it.

General Starting dates

Every Monday.

Total beginners dates - 13 Ene, 27 Ene, 10 Feb, 2 Mar, 30 Mar, 13 Apr, 11 May, 25 May, 8 Jun, 22 Jun, 6 Jul, 20 Jul, 3 Aug, 24 Aug, 14 Sep, 28 Sep, 19 Oct, 9 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov 

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Course Calendar
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