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The annual report highlights key recruitment trends impacting Malaysia as well as insights from our key employment trends for both employers and job seekers. HR'S keeps our results summaries concise and focus, we try to concentrate on the results from our output.  Results that we have initiated, created, built and achieved.  It is unique and showcase our experience and the results we have delivered. 

Interview or Briefing Conducted by Overseas Employers

Interview at Job Malaysia, Kelana Jaya, Selangor

Date : 28.04.2016

Job Placement Testimonial

Job Placement Testimonial

Job Placement Testimonial
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Norhaida KLIA 170118

Norhaida KLIA 170118

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Interview Female candidate before departure from KLIA

Interview Female candidate before departure from KLIA

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Interview Candidates that departure from  KLIA to UAE on 17.01.18 Part 1 of 2

Interview Candidates that departure from KLIA to UAE on 17.01.18 Part 1 of 2

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JC & M Cert1 ok2
KIUS Certificate
NATC crop
Certificate / Award
Certificate / Award
Certificate / Award
Certificate, Felda Pahang

Certificates / Awards / Compliments

Overseas Employers is conducting interview at Job Malaysia, Ministry of Labour office, that was hosted by our agency 

Departure or arrival of candidates at the international airport.

Successful candidates interview was conducted at Job Malaysia Hospitality by the employer-Emirate on their  first arrival 

Pleasant moments of the Malaysian candidates during their training period


APS Achievement Chart 2019 - university

Responses of Students from Universities in 2019

APS Achievement Chart 2018 - total appli

Total Applicants in 2018

APS Achievement Chart 2018 - Event Atten

Events Attended in 2018

What Do Applicants Say?


Irfahan here, an intern doing in Australia. I have had such a wonderful yet culture shocking experience in Australia. It's the best to be honest! I have met so many new people and become friends with most of them is exquizite! The work that was given wasn't that hard if you're not a total goof, but it's fairly challenging in its own way. I would love to be able to live in Australia in the future! Hopefully I am able to land a job here! Anyways, my tips to new people who want to try is that they should be open to new possibility even though it's hard at first, because that will be the beginning of the adventure! Be open minded in trying new things, explore new cultures and such! Overall it's such a pleasent journey that I have had! 



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