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Is It Really That Hard to Find
Good Employees ?

Your business is growing and it's time for you to hire an employee or two. You blanket the internet with job listings, ask your friends and family for referrals. You put a lot of time and effort into attracting candidates, but how many people apply ? Probably not as many as you hoped. And, after screening resumes and evaluating applications, how many people actually qualify for the position?

So, you interview the qualifying applicants and choose the best candidate . . . who promptly turns you down, at which point you’re likely left confused and frustrated. You thought you were almost done with the hiring process,  but now you have to start over. If you’ve ever tried hiring new employees, then you probably know how hard it is to find high-quality candidates.

Hiring process is a long process.. Unfortunately, there can be breakdowns at any stage of the process. Even a single breakdown can be enough to prevent you from hiring the candidate you want to hire. If your hiring process has multiple breakdowns, then the chances of finding good employees is greatly diminished.

Below are four of the most important stages of the process.

  1. Attracting the right qualified candidates for your open position 

  2. Keeping those candidates engaged throughout the process

  3. Assessing and selecting the appropriate candidates

  4. Sealing the deal with your top choice


If you falter at any of these steps, you're in trouble. But if you fail to find or attract the right candidates to start, you're screwed and costing will be affected as well. So, letting us go over all the processes to find good employees for your organisation is a wise decision.

HR'S provides job matching services for employers that base on candidates' talents, skills, and abilities. Doing Business mapping for companies to match potential candidates, provide professional advice on interview and workplace adaptations.

1. Local  Employers
2. Overseas Employers

A quote request from you is important to us. We'll ensure that your requirements for the recruiters are addressed by our consultant on duty promptly. A quote of how the details of the costs of our services. We will provide you with a budget that takes the recruitment costs into account. We maintain a high standard of formal way of making business communications to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.


To receive a recruitment quote request from you is important. It provides us movement and continues improvement efforts. We also look forward to a long-standing business relation ship with your organisation.

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