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Have you ever wanted to work abroad? The benefits of international work experience are abundant. For starters, making the decision to work abroad forces you to step outside of your comfort zone which opens up opportunities to develop new skills and gain new experiences making you more attractive to employers seeking to professionals who have been exposed to more advanced processes and structures in international jobs.


A reason why some companies might prefer hiring digital and e-commerce specialists from more established markets. Because the local market is young, digital professionals who have spent their entire career based in some country may lack the experience of their overseas counterparts.


Another instance where companies will put a call out for overseas professionals is to fill skills shortages. For example, candidates with experience in property and construction, oil and gas and technology are currently in high demand as there isn’t enough local talent to fill available roles. In Malaysia 93 % of current jobseekers admit they would consider leaving Malaysia to work overseas.​ 

Before applying, it is important for you to acknowledge the different types of work right visas. The major 3 categorised are:

Full visa sponsorshipan employer is willing to obtain a work visa for highly-qualified candidates who live outside the country. 

Visa sponsor from the authorised company.  This enables companies to hire employees or workers from other countries and work within their country. This  must be provided by a licensed sponsor. 

Short-term visa

overseas employment is not only a great opportunity for younger people looking for a time-out after college, but also for more adventurous experts who don’t want to settle down yet. Short-term jobs are particularly exciting options for young, fresh graduates about to enter the work force to reflect on their career choices.

Benefits of engaging in an agency

Benefits of Engaging Agency services

If you’re looking for a job overseas, contact our job placement team via email or by calling us directly and visit our job board. Select the country and position that you are interested to apply and submit an online job application.

  • You’re getting help with proper consultation, such as visa type, progress, regulations and costs.  It's crucial as you may avoid to unnecessary waste of time and money.

  • We will follow up on your application until you are hired by the company. We may also assist or advise you with your résumé writing, cover letter and may conduct mock interviews with you.

  • Our agency has established a well known reputation in the recruitment industry. Some companies hire (even interview) international candidates that are recommended by a well known recruitment agency. Therefore, they trust our opinions and recommendations about the candidates they refer for interviews

  • We have a large network that can give knowledge about and access to jobs that may not be directly visible to job-seekers (on job sites, boards, LinkedIn, social media, etc). We are often the first to hear about vacancies. Therefore, we can put you in touch with ideal jobs overseas that are most suitable for you.

  • We know the labour market and manpower requirements in respective target country.  We specialise in specific industries in specific countries, where the opportunities are for someone with your skill set and experience. Candidates who undertake the job search on their own often find that the process is highly competitive and almost never yields positive results for them. 

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Benefits of Working Abroad

Learn team building skills across cultures

The difficulty always comes when group members have different ideas to solve a problem. These can be even more pronounced when you throw cultural differences into the mix. Learning how to work through these differences and solving problems as a team in a foreign office is a professional lesson with unique and longstanding value that can be acquired by working abroad.

Learning how to think independently

When you’re adjusting to a new international office and environment, you’re essentially improvising. You likely won’t feel immediately comfortable as you’re trying to process as much new information as possible. This process of being thrown into the deep end and having to solve problem prepares a young talents to think fast, maintain calm and find solutions.

Resume shine

International work experience adds an absolute credit value to stay competitive in the current job market. International work experience really sets your resume apart from the rest.

Understand the importance of both listening and observing

When you start a new job in a new country you’re starting from zero. You need to adapt and adjust as quickly as possible. It’s important to not only ask the right questions, but pay attention to what you’re told and to your surroundings.

Rubbing elbows with interesting global leaders

Working in an office abroad presents numerous networking opportunities to eager young professionals. Making international professional contacts and meeting business leaders from around the world can lead to unique job opportunities. It also inserts you into a multicultural professional circle that can lead to many more opportunities later in life.

Learn office lingo in another culture or language

An ideal opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in a foreign office culture. An important aspect of this culture is learning how to speak and interact in an unknown cultural environment.

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