Business Meeting



  • An irresistible business opportunity is opening for any license employment company that is looking for continuous and constant income without needing to worry about facing tedious international immigration regulations that are continuously changing from time to time, and vary according to different countries.  

  • The most challenging elements in global recruitment activities will be to secure reputable overseas visa sponsors / companies. And, thereafter, maintaining the validity of the agreement in order to meet the requirements for all of them.  


  • For these reasons, let our team members assist to provide updates, guidelines, handle and resolve some issues in relation to the applications.  Particulars that certain information may not have been provided or been available at the start of the application process.

  • Our officers on duty will handle, feedback and monitor the initial eligibility assessment progress and visa application related matters.

  • The affiliate company marketing staffs will be  responsible for research, developing new marketing opportunities and planning as well as implementing new sales plans. 

  • The affiliate company marketing staffs will be  responsible for research, developing new marketing opportunities, planning and implementing new sales plans and strategies.  Comprehensive training sessions will be organized for these affiliate companies staffs' by our in house / outsource training team to facilitate and assist them to meet their company's operations goals and targets.

  • Affiliate companies will be focusing on recruitment progress in which a company concentrates its resources on entering or expanding. A focus strategy is usually to produce its services to competitively satisfy its needs.

  • A successful affiliate partner is authorised and acquired chances to promote different categories of our placement services in the countries that have been secured by us, such as ; Australia, UK, US, Canada and some European Countries in Ireland, Spain, Malta, Poland, France, Italy, Germany & etc. 

What is an Affiliate Marketing ?

  • Affiliates for corporate make business start up easy even with limited experience. Your referrer just needs to fill a signup form and begin to promote the offers. Just join, promote and earn.

  • Affiliate marketing is easy to join and manage. You are able to recommend more referrers under your roof. These referrers are free to join.


  • Essentially affiliate marketing involves paying a commission for the service provided to another online entity, known as affiliate for referring new business to the merchant's website.


  • Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction.

What do you get after the registration?

  • Receive a log-in ID and password that will allow you to log-into your own Corporate Affiliate page within the Agency HR'S website. 


  • Received an unique personal Affiliate Code that is able to identify all of your referrers and businesses.

  • Make an online application after log-in directly from your own company page, and enable the candidates to make an online application herein.

  • All of your applications that are submitted online will be captured under your own business revenue, and monthly commission computation payout to the company and your affiliate referrers through online remittance.

  • A log-in Username and password will be given to access the Agency Application Management System (AMS). The AMS is an application system owned and built by Agency HR'S with the purpose of maintaining,  monitoring, updating and managing the online application, as well as to get access to the information and visa application status of the applicants.

  • Receive a full comprehensive training and support for their staffs on how to updates and maintain the applicants data in the Application Management System (AMS) under their own affiliate log-in. 

  • Briefing for new vacancies & programs of different countries will be provided. 

  • Periodical newsletter provide the latest updates about the activities, new vacancies, promotion & many more will be sending to you via email. 

  • Receive a full comprehensive training and support for your staffs from our training and IT team through Physical or virtual training sessions that will be arranged when it deem fit.

  • More exclusive training options by our in-house or outsource trainers. 



  • A company must be a registered company  with the relevant local authorities of  home country and they have an office with minimum 1 employee.


  • To be qualified, a company is invited to complete the Affiliate online application with agency and make RM2,200.00 registration fee. The fee is payable and non-refundable.  

  • The registration includes of unlimited referrers and period, unless notified by the agency in written notice.

  • Successful of the registration under Affiliate program will be automatically entering and binding  with "The Affiliate Agreement" and Affiliate Terms & Conditions, Terms of use and Private & Confidential Policy of the agency will apply.

  • Strictly comply with and commitment toward The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) that regulates the processing of personal data when accessing Agency HR'S Application Management System (AMS).

  • The Affiliate Agreement will be presented to the company before the online application submission start.