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General Application Guidelines

General Application Guidelines

If you have reached to this page, you are intended to start submit the application.  The following application guidelines are helpful and will provide the application overview.  By submitting your application you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the agency's application terms & conditions. 

Agency Registration

Complying with the private agency act 246, Law of Malaysia. An agency is eligible to collect Registration Fees of RM50.00 (overseas placement) or RM30.00 (local placement) per candidate. The fees is collected and non-refundable.  The registration to be valid for multiple employment and for a period of 12 months.  The amount of registration and validity duration are determined by the Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia under the Private Agency Act 246.

The collection of registration fees is subjected to agency's operation policy.  However, there are many factors are affecting the need for the collection of the registration fees when reaching to overseas placement that is involved partnering in overseas, employers, visa application requirements, rules & regulations of respective countries and etc.   The collection of the registration fees is required when time on submission of the application will be sending along with the required documents for initial assessment as well as for us to rectify the identity of the applicants, that are required to match and associate with the CV contents when submit to us on their application. 


And, all these progresses require our officer on duty to review and feedback.  For these reasons agency will collect registration fees and start contacts the Registered Applicants and assist them to further application progress after the registration is received. 

In additional, and complying to the licensing of the recruitment agency, an agency is required to provide the information about the recruitment activities to the Ministry of Human Resource Malaysia, Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

General Application Flows

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Wix Application Guidelines (1).jpg


The contents of the application flows are intended for information only and shall not be deemed to constitute a contract, or the terms thereof, between the agency and an applicant or any third party. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication. 


The Agency reserves the right to amend, delete, change any of the flow step at any time without notice. Different categories of placement services; such as job, internship, train & place, training or courses are offered subject to viable numbers.

Please contact agency to get the full application flow and procedures.  The entire application flows will be provided by our officer on duty after we receive such application in our application system, and that application must be a complete valid application. 


The application flow and procedures will be sent via email or we are delighted to invite you to call our office landline numbers.

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