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General Refund Policy

General Refund Policies

Generally Agency's Refund policies are drawn by following and adhering to the Refund Policy of our visa sponsors in overseas.

Full details of the terms and conditions and refund policy of the respective country will be provided to the applicants who are entering  the confirmation application stages before the application process commences, and this general refund policy on our website is part of the refund policy of the agency on top of these terms and conditions.

The agency reserves the right to amend, revise, edit, add, omit or delete any clause herein if we deem fit.  The change/s vary according to the revision of our company policies, visa sponsor policies and immigration policies of the respective country.


The applicants will get refund to any of the relevant fees except the following situation occur during the application processes, such as; 

  • Not a bona fide applicant.

  • Falsified or exaggerated information provided to us, such as Previous visa rejection history, health conditions, English level, work experience, bank statement, false documents & etc. 

  • Failed to provide a valid passport copy and an additional valid visa copy if you are a foreigner.  

  • Failed to provide Police Clearance Report of home country and or country of residing. 

  • Cancellations are initiated by the applicants after the visa application progresses started and no advance written notice of cancellation is given prior to visa application progress commence.

  • Failed to file a visa application prior to the appropriate deadlines provided and without following our guidelines or sending us the final and / or full submission documents for our review and / or to facilitate the final visa submission, whether it is an incomplete submission and or is refused by the relevant immigration of the respective country and / or unable to provide an original copy of the refusal letter.  

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