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Transform Intern to Working Adults
Host Organization

The Internship Program is unique as its principal focus is to identify and match the best possible professional internship placement for the applicant and Host Organisation. We focus on placing candidates from many educational backgrounds into successful internships according to their skills and experience.


The international marketplace is rapidly transforming the business into a global industry. We are constantly challenged with greater diversity therefore, recognizing the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that is well prepared for the global economy.

Our multinational interns have helped global companies to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. If your organisation has internship opportunities and are looking for enthusiastic young professionals, consider one of our intern students.

Our students are from many local international reputed universities in Malaysia. To host our students please submit the host application form. No placement fees. No hassle.
Industry's Contribution to Train Young Future Talents
  • Our interns are committed to their careers path and gaining valuable experience which is directly related to their studies and essential for today’s global market.

  • All of the interns are either current undergraduate, fresh graduates or post-graduate students.

  • We are committed to ensure that each intern’s skill and objectives are well matched with the Host Organisation.

  • International interns are self insured by personal liability; with copies of their insurance documents provided prior to commencement.

  • All terms and conditions for the internship and related training are defined in a contract and agreed to by both parties. 

  • Many of the interns have been recognised for their achievements from their universities.

  • All interns are proficient in English or other languages fluently.

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