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Maltese Festas

The festas in Malta and Gozo are religious celebrations organized by the local parish and are an iconic part of summer with beautiful fireworks, bands, processions and happy celebrations. 

Visiting Malta in the summer is lucky to experience the traditional Maltese festas. Around 100 take place from May to September, and there is hardly a weekend without a celebration.


Every Maltese town and village has celebrated its patron saint for a whole week with people coming together to celebrate with food, music, and fireworks


The streets and especially the churches are brightly lit and lavishly decorated that comes to the decorations, and you can see many streets and houses covered in banners, flags, lights.

The big fireworks display in honour of the patron saint, which usually takes place on the weekend of each festival week, is particularly popular.  They can be seen almost constantly in the sky or heard in the distance - whether by day or by night!

Although there are small rivalries between the churches and the villages, the festas are ultimately a coming together of people who respect and celebrate their culture and tradition.


The festivities unite the Maltese and give room for religion, celebration, community, and fun at the same time.

Festas offer a great opportunity to listen to traditional Maltese music, but of course the party continues in the local clubs and bars. Dancing and partying go on until the early hours of the morning.

A great way to try traditional food, you can also find fast food and sweets at the countless food stalls in the streets.

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