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Place Where Multinational Corporations

Ireland, Cork city has a population of approximately 160,000. The city has excellent public transport. Most of the attractions in the city are located within walking distance of the center, and many are free to visit. The city is surrounded by small towns and villages and a vast rugged coastline which are considered some of the most beautiful.

Cork is a major center for international trade and manufacturing. Cork Harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and the country is a second home to many multinational corporations including Apple, EMC, Amazon, Marriott International, Eli Lilly and Pfizer. A few most of which are providing bilingual customer service support from their Cork offices.

Account & Finance

Malaysian passport holders are not required to acquire a visa to enter Ireland. However, when you arrive, you will need to request a GNIB card to remain in Ireland. Our counterpart in Ireland will assist our applicants with this for free once they land in Ireland

International students who graduates from an Irish university will automatically receive a 2 year work permit. This work permit will be extended by one year if you major in Accounts.

We advise fresh graduate applicants to take a short term course and graduate in an Irish university to be entitled for the work permit. Work permits will not be available for fresh graduates without a minimum 2 years of work experience.

Healthcare & Nursing 

Castle bar located on the beautiful west coast of Ireland has a long history of nursing and social care service. These jobs are specifically for international students who want to enhance their employability and adaptability by learning relevant skills. The employment environment is a professional environment with world class facilities. There are opportunities to work part-time in local nursing homes Interested candidates who initiate relevant regulation processes and who possess an adaptation and assessment’ decision can be able to get a daptation placement with one of the partner Hospitals.

The new one year honours degree top-up is for international students who are registered as nurses in their home country. It is ideal for those who wish to upgrade from Certificate or Diploma level to an Honours degree, and open up international career opportunities.

Applicants with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing at home country may directly apply for the job placement through agency

Students who take the new one year honours degree top-up can work part time for up to 20 hours per week during the academic semesters and 40 hours per week during the summer (June, July, August)

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