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Working whilst doing a short learning course may have the benefits. A benefit of part time work is that it provides an overview of the immigration regulations in the country. Your part-time

employment options will vary depending on your chosen program , your previous work experience and skill set. This will assist fresh graduate applicants on making a decision whether to continue upgrading to a higher degree or to just stay in the job market

Here are three main reasons why you should consider part time work

  • Earn extra income to help with living costs. The extra money you earn from a few hours of work each week can give you the money you need to travel or experience social events. You will need to have available funds abroad in order to get a relevant Visa. 

  • Gain relevant work experience. Part-time work isn’t limited to the stereotypical customer service roles in coffee shops or supermarkets, whilst these have a value to you as an income source they do not add any real value to a graduate’s resume/CV when applying for positions at a professional level.


  • Many employment opportunities could exist within the field of your subject area. For example within the sciences you may find positions as a laboratory technician in a research lab. Due to the high value it will have on your resume for you to apply for a permanent job. Along with the relevant experience you will also be surrounded by academics and professionals in your field, networking with these people can open up opportunities for further employment

  • regular practice is required to master any second language.

Part-Time Work Regulations in Different Countries 
The rules and regulations vary from country to country and could change at any time. It is worth checking the status quo with your sponsor  and the embassy before departing. A quick overview of the rules in each destination are covered below:-

The UK and Ireland have similar rules about working whilst learning for international applicants. In these countries you are allowed to work 20 hours a week during your term/semester and 40 hours per week in the holidays.

In the USA you can work for up to 20 hours per week during the term/semester and up to 40 hours a week during holiday periods. You are restricted to work “On-campus” but, if your employer is educationally related to the institution then this work can be permissible.

In Australia, you are allowed to work 20hours part-time each week in some regions. However, in most regions, you can work for as long as you wish.

In The Netherlands you are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week in the summer break (June, July and August) and 10 hours per week part-time for the rest of the year. Your employer will have to apply for a work permit on your behalf but this is a straightforward process. If you are coming from within the EU/EEA you are entitled to work as many hours as you chose throughout the year.

Part-time work should be an enjoyable, life-changing experience so be aware of maintaining a good life balance. Applicants are advised to secure full time employment after adapting to the new culture and familiar with the immigration regulations in the country.

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