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HR'S Subsidy Fund


Total RM100,000.00 to be applied for applicants with CGPA 3.5 or above & IELTS examination result of minimum 7.0 ban


Open for application and will be valid on or  before 31.12.2022

The setting up of HR'S Subsidy Fund is aiming to provide financial aid or support extend to individuals who are interested to pursuit their internship or skill competency training abroad.  Generally with the purpose of promoting country economic, working through proper pathway abroad, enhance and gain highly valued international experience & skills and further assist with the stress of unemployment rates situation within Malaysia.


We are raising RM500,000.00 to materialise every student that needs  financial aid may has a same chance to pursuit their internship or skills competency training abroad. 


We strongly believe the skills that they have learnt will be a valued asset of every individual and further may bring benefits to our nation.   


We're encouraging any individual or company that is passion in funding the students to participate.  We're confidence that your funding is worth the investment.  At the same time partnering with school / vocational / colleges & universities to send the students for the said purposes.

Please consider a support and contact us at :  aphrsmgmt@yahoo.com or support@hrsmgmtsb.com because in your support the student who is in need will has an "Equal Chance" along with this opportunity

Terms & Conditions apply - the details will be sent upon receive a valid application of HR'S subsidy fund.  In generally the HR'S subsidy fund will be granted for overseas internship or skill competency program and it mean for the purpose of subsidy for education purposes.