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DON'T BE INTIMIDATED COMMISSION-BASED WORK (Here's Why !?) Depending on who you are, getting the same pay cheque every two weeks can be comforting— or frustrating. Some people who stay in salaried positions for years often end up feeling like their efforts don't match their compensation, and that few % yearly raise isn't exactly life-changing.

On the other end of the spectrum is commission-based work, which can bring unlimited earning potential. But then again, a few slow months might send you into panic mode.

In short, commission jobs, with their income ups and downs, are not for the faint of heart. But as these professionals will tell you, those with the right skill set who find their ideal venture consider them well worth the risk.


Here's why:-

~ You Control Your Own Destiny

~ You're Motivated by the Pressure to Perform and Earn

~ You're Your Own Boss


If you're still unsure about taking on commission work, here are a few more tips:

Ask a lot of questions. Don't assume a company's claims about expected earnings will apply to you immediately. Ask how many months (or years) it took their existing sales people to reach that level. "If they're asking you to take on a substantial financial risk, they should be willing to share with you the financials that are relevant to your decision-making process.

Be honest with yourself. Drive, work ethic, and strong people skills are essential for success in a commission-based job. "If you have the determination, but cannot connect, it will be a struggle."

Think you've got what it takes? As what have illustrated, with passion, drive, and a positive attitude, commission-based work can be very lucrative and fulfilling—and very much worth the risk.


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